My models

Here on this page I would like to show you my models. Most of them are made with the terrain editor in Bryce.
With the last update ( 04.2002 ) I ad my new models and a lot of explanations and tips.
You will find this explanations on the second page of the new models section.

Below you can choose between the three categories.
The older part is updated as well ( new pictures and part of the text ).

My older terrain models
and a lot of explanations.
My new terrain models
and more explanations and tips.
My "normal" not with the editor modeled models
Not yet available

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My terrain models

Here you have the opportunity to go directly to the models. I have written a little bit to each of them.
I hope this is helpful for you.
If you go to page two you will find a longer explanation.

Größeres Bild und Erläuterungen
Bild und Erläuterungen
My Desk
Detail from the desk
Old mirror
Bild und Erläuterungen
Old ship
Renaissance cupboard

Models 2

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