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About my English

First of all I would like to say, that my English is not perfect.
I can read English books and speak English, but to write grammatically is not easy for me.
So if you find really interesting spelling or grammar variations, smile, or better yet, send me a correction.
If you can endure my English stay and be welcome.

You will find this on my Homepage

I created this homepage to display my models and pictures.
I modeled the models partly with the terrain editor from Bryce ( You will find explanations and tips in my models section ).
In the year 2001 I bought Carrara and 2003 Cinema 4D vers.8, and started to model " normal " models.
On my Download page you can Download a lot of my models ( 2 new obj. models ) for free.

You can buy my more complex models at my shops on the sites of Renderosity and 3D Commune.

Something about my pictures

Here you will find pictures of virtual furniture and architecture, scenes with space ships and last but not least virtual erotic photos.
If you click on Galleries you can choose the categories you are interested in.
I created my pictures with Cinema 4D vers.8, Bryce 5, Poser 5, Carrara 2 (RDS) and the Corel graphic suite.

My Models

Under the link models I have tried to explain how I made my models in the terrain editor from Bryce..
Later, if I have some more time, and if there is interest, I will try to explain in more detail.

Who made this Homepage

My name is Jörg Maurer my user name on the sites Renderosity and 3D Commune is " Wappen " ( that is German and means crest ) Under the link Who you will find a short biography of me.

Many free models

You will find a lot of my models for free on my download page.
The models are textured!

I hope you like my homepage and my pictures, and find my explanations helpful.
If you have any questions you are welcome to contact me.


Jörg Maurer (Wappen)



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