Some facts about Jörg Maurer

My name is Jörg Maurer
1962 I was born in Bremen ( Germany )
Today I living in Bremen after some interruptions and half a year in Ghana (2001)

Since my younger days I was very much interested in photography and painting (abstract).
Since 7 years I do the same with the Computer.
With the purchase of Bryce ( Bryce 2) I started to make terrain models. I'm modelling them with gray scale maps in the terrain editor from Bryce.
For a better explanation how I do it and to learn about the advantages of this models go to my pictures and explanations on this page.

Since the year 2000 I sell my models on the internet pages from 3D Commune and Renderosity. My username on this pages is wappen.

My Hobbies are,

Amateur theater ( since 1998 I'm a actor in a amateur theater)
and reading ( historic novels, Fantasy, philosophic and psychological books.)

As an amateur actor I have played in one play. A 8 sentences role if I remember right.
Not a very big role, but I build the scene as well.
And this was a lot of work. There were two scene and we had to change in two minutes.
It was a big success, and I liked it very much.

Here is a actual picture from me.

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